Fees and Payments

Bookings Department. Our team within the bookings department have many years of experience in managing our anaesthetists surgical lists. They are also well versed in Pre-operative Questions and Informed Financial Consent.

Accounts Department. Our team within the accounts department are happy to assist you with any questions about your accounts either pre-operatively or post operatively. They are well versed in:

  • Health Insurance claims
  • Transport accident claims
  • Department of veterans affairs
  • Work cover claims
  • Medicare claims
  • Prepayment
  • Informed Financial Consent

Following your surgery there are three methods of making payments on your invoice:

  • Option 1. Pay online - see information below.
  • Option 2. Pay the invoice in full and then claim from Medicare/Health fund (if insured)
  • Option 3. Claim from Medicare and your health insurance if applicable and send these cheques' to our rooms with any associated out of pocket.

In general, you will receive a quote before the anaesthetic. This will be sent out by our office in the weeks leading up to surgery. Occasionally it is not possible to send the quote out in time for surgery. Our secretaries will attempt to reach you by phone in this case and if that is not possible, you will be informed by your anaesthetist at the time of the pre-operative visit.

Medicare and/or your private health fund will generally pay a proportion of the anaesthetic fee, and there is often an “out of pocket” amount which is not covered by the funds; the “out of pocket” amount will vary according to which health fund you belong and will be greater if you do not possess private health insurance.

You may be asked to pre-pay the full anaesthetic fee. This method is used routinely for some operating lists; you will then be sent a receipt after your procedure which you can take to your health fund or Medicare office. There are certain procedures (eg cosmetic surgery) which are not covered by either your health fund or Medicare.

Click below to pay invoice online:

Please have the following information ready:

  • The date of your procedure
  • Your surgeon's name
  • Your anaesthetist (provided by your surgeon's office)
  • Your Credit Card details (Visa and Mastercard)

Usually, patients have no need to come to the office as we accept payments in the form of cheque or money order by mail, credit card over the phone, or Bpay. However, you are most welcome to come in to the office to pay in person. Although we have kept the name The Grey St Anaesthetic Group, we are now at Suite 101, 176 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne. We are just opposite the Melbourne Cricket Ground and right across the road from Jolimont station. Our office is on the first floor. You will meet one of our seven secretarial staff members who will deal with your payment. Grey Street Anaesthetic group operates within the guidelines established by the AMA regarding the fee’s anaesthetists can charge.

1 November 2017 - Fees Gap Chart

The Fees Gap Chart highlights the disparity in increases between the MBS fees and the AMA MFI, CPI and AWE indices.

Fee Gap Chart