About us

Welcome to The Grey Street Anaesthetic Group. All Doctors within this group practice as Associates.

The Grey Street Anaesthetic Group was one of the original anaesthetic groups in Melbourne. It is based in East Melbourne. We provide anaesthetic services to hospitals in the entire Melbourne metropolitan area. Our group has twenty anaesthetists and is in the process of expansion.

Who is your anaesthetist?

To become an anaesthetist, you must first become a doctor. This entails five to six years full time study. There is then a period of between two and four years of working in hospitals in general medicine and surgery. This is followed by a stringent selection process to be chosen to study anaesthesia. Anaesthetic training itself takes five years, during which time there are two exams which are quite comprehensive and demanding. The training to be an anaesthetist is as long and rigorous as that to become a surgeon or specialist physician.

An anaesthetist has usually finished his or her training by around the age of thirty two. Because of our general medical training and experience, we are quite familiar with any medical conditions you may have, and in particular how they may affect your anaesthetic and recovery period.

All our members are accredited specialists and all participate in the Australasian College of Anaesthetists Maintenance of Professional standards program. This program mandates that each anaesthetist attends lectures and participates in discussions for a number of days each year. It ensures that each of our anaesthetists is up to date with the latest research and thinking in the specialty. There is a separate stringent accreditation process to enable us to work in each of the private hospitals in Melbourne. This accreditation is renewed every three years. In this way, there is a further guarantee that any anaesthetist who attends to you will be up to date in his or her knowledge. All of our members have complied with this additional accreditation.

Types of surgery that we deal with

Our members have a broad experience in anaesthesia for all forms of surgery, including Ophthalmic, Orthopaedic, Plastic, Ear Nose and Throat, Faciomaxillary, Endoscopic, Paediatric, Neurosurgical, Urologic and General surgery. We provide services to a large number of city and suburban private hospitals, including Cabrini Hospital and the Epworth Hospital. We also provide service to a number of public hospitals in Melbourne. Each of our members is also covered with a medical indemnity insurance policy.